1. Languaging Fashion and Sustainability

    Nordic Textile Journal, University of Borås, Borås 2010

    Mathilda contributed a paper to the Nordic Textile Journal’s special issue on communication. Her piece explores the potential of language and a process of languaging as powerful design interventions that can be auspiciously directed at the paradigm level of a system – in this instance the fashion system, with the aim of achieving more a sustainable fashion industry. The article critically and creatively synthesizes and builds upon some of the researcher’s previous work, in the realm of fashion and sustainability, and metadesign.

    Tham, M. (2010). Languaging fashion and sustainability – towards synergistic modes of thinking,
    wording, visualising and doing fashion and sustainability. The Nordic Textile Journal, Special Issue
    Fashion Communication. 1/2010. 14-23.

  2. Socially Responsive Design II

    Oslo National Art Academy, Oslo, 18-20 October, 2011

    This year the Master students were asked to take their new campus as a starting point to explore broader lifestyle issues in terms of social and environmental impacts. The aim was to help understand their new community at KHiO, both within the institution as well as it’s relationships with the neighborhood. Together with Hannah Jones from Goldsmiths, the students got to experience a metadesign process by taking part in a series of collaborative workshops with the aim of synergizing interdisciplinary design teams; co-design different design interventions; challenge views of what design is and what it could be.

  3. Oslo Gold Exchange

    Galleri Format, Oslo, 25-30 October, 2010

    Foreign Investment recently completed a new work consisting of several workshops, an exhibition and performance in Oslo. This unique, culturally and site-specific work used ‘child labour’ to transform unloved and discarded toys into golden objects of desire. With their efforts and play the children assisted in raising funds for other children in need in their own town. Read more here. The project was commissioned and produced in collaboration with Mesen Kulturprodusenter and funded by Arts Council Norway and Oslo Kommune.

  4. Future of Surface Care

    London, July, 2010

    Recently we did an analysis on emerging trends in surface care for Space Doctors and their client – a major player in the industry. We looked at how consumers are choosing products to clean their homes alongside trends for the future home. Signals point to homes becoming less like machines and more like living organisms, which will lead to interesting shifts both in consumer behaviour and products.

  5. Nappy of the Future?

    London, June, 2010

    We just completed an analysis on the ‘nappy of the future’ for Seymour Powell. Looking at a range of existing international customs of nappy usage, existing products and emerging trends on new materials. Interestingly about half of the world’s children never wear nappies! The research revealed a whole lot of unsustainable facts and figures  – especially with regards to environmental impacts from waste management to water and energy inefficiencies. However the research also offered some compelling insights to opportunities for innovating new product-service systems.

  6. Design, Sustainability & Business at Regents Business School

    Anette was invited to talk at Regents Business School in the context of their lecture series ‘Sustainability monthly’ for staff and students in Global Business & Sustainability Management. The talk explores the relationships between design, sustainability and business using different examples and highlights how business can benefit from actively seeking sustainable design strategies to gain innovation and competitive advantage, and how sustainable design is becoming a valuable strategy  for future-proofing a business.

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