14 Project principles for the Aerogenerator

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Anette has been working with Theo Bird founder of Wind Power Limited on refining a set of 14 project principles for the Aerogenerator – an innovative offshore wind turbine. Inspired by Kelly Johnson’s Skunkworks, these guidelines for advanced research and innovation in cleantech were generated with input by several established partners to the Aerogenerator project such as Grimshaw Architects, Virgin Galactic etc. The purpose of these principles is to tell the story of the project and invite audiences to share experiences in developing and managing complex projects. The role of sustainability is inherent in the project principles in terms of design, function and business case. The 14 project principles for the Aerogenerator were presented yesterday at the Helen Hamlyn Center at the RCA, and will shortly be presented at Cranfield University and at the British Council’s Everything Forever Now symposium in Bangkok which has been curated by Wallpaper magazine’s Editor at Large, Henrietta Thompson.

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