playing with diversities for socially responsive design

Kurshumli An, Old Bazaar, Skopje, Macedonia 5. October 2013

How do you work as ‘socially responsive designer’? During Skopje Design Week, Anette gave a three-hour creative workshop where participants were introduced to a playful design process based on ‘bisociation’ (Koestler 1964, Jones and Lundebye, 2012) that has evolved from the on-going research into ‘metadesign’ tools. The set of tools provide an effective starting point for rapid prototyping of design seeds with the aim to create socially responsive design. Key themes that came up in this workshop tended to focus on: craftsmanship, gift economy, shared ownership, localism and storytelling. The workshop was supported by Norsk Form and Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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