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  1. The Future of Natural Materials

    Grow. Lamp – A Grow It Yourself by Danielle Trofe, using Ecovative’s patented Mushroom® Material technology.

    Anette recently did some consultancy work for Space Doctors, which consisted of desktop research on the future of natural materials (ingredients and processes) that might form the basis of different kinds of consumer packaged goods in the future. The examples looked at various areas from biomimicry to regenerative processes that might also be compostable or that stimulate or trigger natural processes, from mycelium, moss, kelp or citrus fibre. Much of what may form the future of the bioeconomy, or the biocycle economy.

  2. Swarovski Futuring Workshop

    Wattens, Austria, 18 & 19 June, 2013.

    Anette was invited by the design research studio Loop.pH to be part of a team that designed and facilitated a two-day ‘futuring’ workshop for Swarovski.  The  aim was to explore ‘sustainable innovation’ and Swarovski’s future role as a corporate citizen. This ambitious workshop used a mix of approaches and tools from Metadesign and 100% Open and brought together a multidisciplinary group of experts from diverse disciplines including: mathematics, material science, social enterprise, sustainable design, synthetic biology and architecture to work together with Swarovski innovators.

  3. Sustainable Apparel Futures – Sweden 2030

    Workshop, Architecture Museum, Stockholm 30 January 2013

    In conjunction with the Global Leadership Award at the Architecture Museum in Stockholm, a big workshop for the apparel sector – hosted by The Antonia Ax:son Johnson Foundation for Sustainable Development - to begin the process of developing a ambitious and long-term sustainability vision for the apparel industry in Sweden and the Nordic region. Mathilda, who has been part of running the Sustainable Fashion Academy since its start in 2007, facilitated the working group on the Future of the Fashion Experience. Anette facilitated the working group on the Future of Social Responsibility. The workshop brought together leading members from the commercial apparel sector, politicians, government agencies, advocacy organizations, investors, research institutions, and the media.

  4. Metadesign workshop for course leaders at the School of Design, LNU

    School of Design, Linnaeus University, Växjö, Sweden, 19 October 2012

    We, Mathilda and Anette were invited to hold a full-day workshop for the staff in the school of Design at Linnaeus University. The purpose of the day was to offer an experience of some pedagogical approaches to sustainability that have emerged from our metadesign research, and to prompt discussion on diverse ways of engaging with sustainability in design education. The design of the day was based on the framework of ‘co-operative inquiry’ (Reason and Heron, 2001) and led to interesting reflections on managing uncertainty, paradoxes and agency.

  5. Future of flooring

    Forbo Flooring Systems, London 17. February 2012







    The other day Anette was invited to attend a think tank session with Forbo Flooring. A selected group of professionals with different expertise in: architecture, design, journalism, strategic marketing/ communication discussed current issues around austerity, value creation and sustainability, moderated by Tim Vermeulen, from Premsela, the Dutch institute for fashion and design. How will these issues influence the future of Forbo’s product concept offering, design and brand positioning? Insights on where innovations are going within this segment were shared, but also the interesting question arose of what left field and disruptive innovation might change the rules of the game?


  6. 14 Project principles for the Aerogenerator

    10MW Aerogenerator X © 2010 Wind Power Limited & Grimshaw













    Anette has been working with Theo Bird founder of Wind Power Limited on refining a set of 14 project principles for the Aerogenerator – an innovative offshore wind turbine. Inspired by Kelly Johnson’s Skunkworks, these guidelines for advanced research and innovation in cleantech were generated with input by several established partners to the Aerogenerator project such as Grimshaw Architects, Virgin Galactic etc. The purpose of these principles is to tell the story of the project and invite audiences to share experiences in developing and managing complex projects. The role of sustainability is inherent in the project principles in terms of design, function and business case. The 14 project principles for the Aerogenerator were presented yesterday at the Helen Hamlyn Center at the RCA, and will shortly be presented at Cranfield University and at the British Council’s Everything Forever Now symposium in Bangkok which has been curated by Wallpaper magazine’s Editor at Large, Henrietta Thompson.

  7. ‘Norwegianness’

    London, March/ May, 2011

    After having recently completed a couple of projects for Space Doctors providing insights on ‘norwegianness’, Malcolm Evans, Founder of the company said about our work:

    Lundebye & Tham provided Space Doctors with brilliant insight into evolving cultural meanings & semiotic codes around ‘Norwegianness’ on two 2011 projects, one for a major bank and the other for a global provider of environmental solutions.  Building on a history of highly successful work for us in cultural and design semiotics.

  8. Co-designing a new Master programme

    Regent's College, London, 4 February, 2011

    In February 2011 Anette designed and facilitated two workshops for the development of MA Creative Leadership for the School of Psychotherapy & Counselling Psychology and Regent’s Business School at Regent’s College London. The aim of the workshops was to support the project in finding direction in a complex and wholly new approach to postgraduate study within Regent’s College. The mission was to seek out commonalities and language from a trans-disciplinary team of specialists in psychology, business, management, mediation, psychotherapy and as well as theatre and the arts, design, international relations and politics and to generate ownership, partnerships and a holistic understanding of the programme.

  9. Future of Surface Care

    London, July, 2010

    Recently we did an analysis on emerging trends in surface care for Space Doctors and their client – a major player in the industry. We looked at how consumers are choosing products to clean their homes alongside trends for the future home. Signals point to homes becoming less like machines and more like living organisms, which will lead to interesting shifts both in consumer behaviour and products.

  10. Nappy of the Future?

    London, June, 2010

    We just completed an analysis on the ‘nappy of the future’ for Seymour Powell. Looking at a range of existing international customs of nappy usage, existing products and emerging trends on new materials. Interestingly about half of the world’s children never wear nappies! The research revealed a whole lot of unsustainable facts and figures  – especially with regards to environmental impacts from waste management to water and energy inefficiencies. However the research also offered some compelling insights to opportunities for innovating new product-service systems.

  11. Searching for creativity in school

    framing creativity

    Merseyside, UK 13-17 July, 2009

    Anette participated on an arts based research project as a creative catalyser with the Aspire Trust for a secondary school in Merseyside. Using participative research methods, the pupils became researchers alongside the ‘experts’. The aim was to capture a reflection on how creativity is perceived in the school’s learning environments and subject matters to help staff develop and enhance their practice as educators.

  12. Sustainable – Digital

    Deepend, New York, June 2008

    What are the emerging trends for digital media in relation to sustainability? Anette gave the presentation Sustainable – Digital for Deepend in New York City to initiate a dialogue on how to address impacts and opportunities. 


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