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  1. Foreign Investment at the Linnean Society London

    "LOST" performance at the Linnean Society of London, Burlington House, London, 29. September 2016

    As a member of foreign investment Anette presented the performance LOST in collaboration with choreographer Dickson Mbi at the Linnean Society in London as part of the book launch of Wild New Territories: Portraits of the urban and the Wild edited by Ron den Daas and Kathy Kenny. The exhibition focused on the potential collapse of ecosystems within historically charged urban contexts. The performance articulated, biodiversity and the loss of species within the UK. Over the last 200 years, 413 species have become extinct in England.


  2. Swatching in Blue

    Anette Lundebye, Swatching in Blue (2013) Audio-visual piece. 1:04mins

    A day is blue, a moment red, a pale silence, a noisy mind… Anette participated in the Regents Open Exhibition (17. June – 31. July, 2015 ) – a group exhibition with a audio-visual piece from the series Swatching: a series of moving images that samples emotions and is a homage to the Albers (Annie and Joseph). Playing with colour refers to Wittgenstein’s concept of how colour concepts can be treated like the concepts of sensation. As moving images they also play with the notion of time and the role of contemplation in our busy lives today. Watch it here: swatching in blue

  3. Nordes Design ecologies

    Nordes Design Ecologies. Stockholm, June 2015

    Mathilda is co-chair, with Martin Avila, Håkan Edeholt and Bo Westerlund, of Nordes conference Design ecologies – challenging anthropocentricism in design which will take place at Konstfack, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, in June 2015.

    This will be an exciting event with a mix of contributions from visionary scholars and practitioners, on the themes of sustainability and politics, economics, technology education, and even some wildcards.


  4. foreign investment in Hong Kong

    Oi! art center, Hong Kong, 23. January 2014

    As a member of foreign investment, Anette went to Hong Kong to present their pioneering project One Square Foot of Sky as part of the exhibition “Collector Club” curated by Ying Kwok at the art space Oi!  from 24 January – 21 April 2014. This piece forms part of a newly developed work that had its debut in London 2012. The piece poses taxing questions of the monetary, symbolic and copyright value of the sky and offers a new valuation for the skyline above Oi! With it’s reputation as one of the top investment capitals for the property market, Hong Kong is also an emerging fine art market. Beauty will embrace the beast and ‘investments of passion’ will become the future.

  5. Stone soup

    Zalog, Ljubljana, Slovenia 27. March 2013

    Anette was invited to Ljubljana to work with the artists Yane Calovski and Hristina Ivanoska in a project organised by the architect Bostjan Bugaric. The context was Zalog a suburb of Ljubjana. As an output of our ‘Zalog conversations’ we re-enacted the ‘Stone Soup’, a work that Hristina Ivanovska has previously done in Stockholm amongst other places. The premise of this performative art intervention is a coming together of ‘foreigners’ into a community, and the participants are invited to make a soup by bringing a chosen ingredient. Once the soup is made all the participants are served the soup whose flavour depends on the gifts each person brought to the pot. This stone soup and gesture has historical roots in folk-tales as well as ‘potluck’ and gift-economies in various communities. This intervention inscribed itself as part of a bigger investigation into the area and the programme: Cultural Acupuncture Treatment For Suburb, which has as focus to improve public spaces in the suburbs in six localities around Central European capitals.

  6. Global Leadership Award for the apparel sector

    Award ceremony at the Architecture Museum in Stockholm, 30 January 2013

    Mathilda, in her role as Associate of Sustainable Fashion Academy, Sweden, co-moderated the award ceremony and panel debate Global Leadership Award at the Architecture Museum in Stockholm. The award was presented to DEFRA and WRAP for their important work on the Sustainable Clothing Roadmap and Action Plan in the UK. The panel debate, which was part of the award ceremony, featured the Swedish Environmental Minister, Lena Ek, Helena Helmersson, Head of Sustainability at fashion giant H&M, and prominent guests from the UK, including Jennifer Decker of WRAP, the Baroness Lola Young, parliamentarian in the House of Lords. Here many important issues were raised and even some pledges were made.

  7. sky mile by foreign investment

    Wild New Territories, London 19 & 20 September 2012

    foreign investment did a new piece in which Anette is involved. This time the context is the exhibition called Wild New Territories; a project that aims to challenge some of the widespread assumptions on the disconnect between ‘wilderness’, ‘humanity’ and ‘nature’. Here foreign investment speculate on the value of the sky above the Kings Cross area in London. This work can be described as a “peinture vivante” and includes an Urban Shepherd and the Pearly King and Princess of St. Pancras. The performances took place at Canada House and then at Camley Natural Park in Kings Cross, London.

  8. Stockholm + 40

    Stockholm, 5 march 2012










    Mathilda is presenting her proposal to change the paradigm of consumption to Swedish ministers today, as part of Stockholm +40 (40 years on from the first UN environment conference, held in Stockholm in 1972, and 20 since Rio). It’s being webcast here starting at midday UK time, but obviously all in Swedish. She’s on after Johan Rockström from the Stockholm Resilience Centre.

  9. Good for nothing…

    Good for Nothing, London 20 - 22 January, 2012













    Anette did some ‘good for nothing’ this weekend to help three social innovators in their endeavours to contribute to social good.  Occupy Blue Monday was a 48 hour  ’creative, collaboration gig’ bringing together a large diverse group of talented people. With a love for stories, Anette was captivated by the POP UP Festival of Stories, an amazing initiative for children set up in 2011 and run by Dylan Calder to “celebrate books, stories, and the people who make them”. Of course much much more than this, the team collaborated to clarify the purpose and mission of the initiative, provide a pertinent communication strategy as well design some product-services to enable the initiative to become sustainable over time. It was intense and seriously fun.

  10. Everything must go

    Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester, 6 August - 17 September 2011

    Everything Must Go is a new playful and provocative project by Foreign Investment (that Anette works with) at the Chinese Arts Centre in Manchester. For six weeks the space serves as a depot, workshop and showroom – where unwanted objects ‘Made in China’ are transformed and given new lease of life. A grand art sale will take place on the 16. And 17. September where everything must go – a golden opportunity to invest in tomorrow’s art today!

  11. Oslo Gold Exchange

    Galleri Format, Oslo, 25-30 October, 2010

    Foreign Investment recently completed a new work consisting of several workshops, an exhibition and performance in Oslo. This unique, culturally and site-specific work used ‘child labour’ to transform unloved and discarded toys into golden objects of desire. With their efforts and play the children assisted in raising funds for other children in need in their own town. Read more here. The project was commissioned and produced in collaboration with Mesen Kulturprodusenter and funded by Arts Council Norway and Oslo Kommune.


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