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  1. ‘Socially responsive design’ publication

    Published by Colophon: Kunsthøyskolen i Oslo/ Oslo National Academy of the Arts, 2013

    Anette and Hannah Jones contributed to this publication with ‘A Manifesto for Designing Together in the 21st Century’. The publication is dedicated to celebrate the past seven years of student projects and various forms of social interventions by design practitioners in the context of Socially Responsive Design  on the MA Design Programme at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. The editors Maziar Raein and Sanneke Duijf say that it is intended more as a primer for debate rather than a definitive book. The design was done by former students Steinar & Mats.

  2. Global Leadership Award for the apparel sector

    Award ceremony at the Architecture Museum in Stockholm, 30 January 2013

    Mathilda, in her role as Associate of Sustainable Fashion Academy, Sweden, co-moderated the award ceremony and panel debate Global Leadership Award at the Architecture Museum in Stockholm. The award was presented to DEFRA and WRAP for their important work on the Sustainable Clothing Roadmap and Action Plan in the UK. The panel debate, which was part of the award ceremony, featured the Swedish Environmental Minister, Lena Ek, Helena Helmersson, Head of Sustainability at fashion giant H&M, and prominent guests from the UK, including Jennifer Decker of WRAP, the Baroness Lola Young, parliamentarian in the House of Lords. Here many important issues were raised and even some pledges were made.

  3. Sustainable Apparel Futures – Sweden 2030

    Workshop, Architecture Museum, Stockholm 30 January 2013

    In conjunction with the Global Leadership Award at the Architecture Museum in Stockholm, a big workshop for the apparel sector – hosted by The Antonia Ax:son Johnson Foundation for Sustainable Development - to begin the process of developing a ambitious and long-term sustainability vision for the apparel industry in Sweden and the Nordic region. Mathilda, who has been part of running the Sustainable Fashion Academy since its start in 2007, facilitated the working group on the Future of the Fashion Experience. Anette facilitated the working group on the Future of Social Responsibility. The workshop brought together leading members from the commercial apparel sector, politicians, government agencies, advocacy organizations, investors, research institutions, and the media.

  4. Fashion in the Anthropocene

    Konstfack, Stockholm, 17 January 2013

    Mathilda delivered the lecture Metadesign and Fashion – How can we mobilise design sensibilities for sustainable products, systems and paradigms? at the Anthropocene seminar hosted by department of Industrial Design, Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm and organized by Martin Avila. The seminar explored design’s role in the anthropocene – “the human age”, our current geological period. Other speakers were Garry Peterson, Professor of Environmental Sciences, Stockholm Resilience Centre and Jakob von Heland, Filmmaker and consultant on human ecology and resilience. You can see Mathilda’s lecture here.

  5. Stockholm + 40

    Stockholm, 5 march 2012










    Mathilda is presenting her proposal to change the paradigm of consumption to Swedish ministers today, as part of Stockholm +40 (40 years on from the first UN environment conference, held in Stockholm in 1972, and 20 since Rio). It’s being webcast here starting at midday UK time, but obviously all in Swedish. She’s on after Johan Rockström from the Stockholm Resilience Centre.

  6. Future of flooring

    Forbo Flooring Systems, London 17. February 2012







    The other day Anette was invited to attend a think tank session with Forbo Flooring. A selected group of professionals with different expertise in: architecture, design, journalism, strategic marketing/ communication discussed current issues around austerity, value creation and sustainability, moderated by Tim Vermeulen, from Premsela, the Dutch institute for fashion and design. How will these issues influence the future of Forbo’s product concept offering, design and brand positioning? Insights on where innovations are going within this segment were shared, but also the interesting question arose of what left field and disruptive innovation might change the rules of the game?


  7. Design, Sustainability & Business at Regents Business School

    Anette was invited to talk at Regents Business School in the context of their lecture series ‘Sustainability monthly’ for staff and students in Global Business & Sustainability Management. The talk explores the relationships between design, sustainability and business using different examples and highlights how business can benefit from actively seeking sustainable design strategies to gain innovation and competitive advantage, and how sustainable design is becoming a valuable strategy  for future-proofing a business.

  8. Ethical Consumption and Media


    We just finished a media scan and analysis of Swedish media for a client and found a strong trend in how charities are advertising in mainstream fashion and lifestyle magazines. The visual communication is appropriating distinctly commercial features with references to famous brands such as IKEA (Save the Children) or famous fashion photographers like Richard Avedon (Stockholm’s Stadsmission). This new upsurge in charity ads make us ask whether this is due to the economical crisis; if it is responding to a higher demand for ethical consumption; or if charities are simply becoming more media savvy?

  9. Sustainable – Digital

    Deepend, New York, June 2008

    What are the emerging trends for digital media in relation to sustainability? Anette gave the presentation Sustainable – Digital for Deepend in New York City to initiate a dialogue on how to address impacts and opportunities. 

  10. Swedish Luxury

    Swedish Luxury, Stockholm - 28. June, 2007

    Swedish Luxury, Stockholm - 28. June, 2007

    In the context of the launch of the executive S80 to the International lifestyle press, Volvo cars wished to present their new luxury car, by looking closer at where the concept of luxury is going? By unpicking the concept and looking at societal and consumer trends we took a closer look at aspects of Swedish luxury. Reconstructing luxury focused on 3 aspects: the luxury of feeling (celebrating quiet beauty, good craftsmanship, attention to details and personal space), The luxury of caring (enjoying good relationships, closeness to nature and safety) and the luxury of thinking (designing clever functionality and intelligent aesthetics for confident people).

    In partnership with Jung relations in Stockholm, Mathilda presented the ideas on Swedish Luxury in a talk and also moderated a panel debate on the topic. All the guests at this event got to get a crash course in eco-driving…

  11. Designability: Design & Sustainability

    We worked with Trèves in Paris, to deliver a Sustainability trends communications for their use with their Major OEM clients. The presentation is based on four themes that illustrate designability: the marriage between design and sustainability. The contents were designed to  tickle conversations about new ways forward in the industry.


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