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    How can designers free design? Design School Kolding, Denmark, 1 June, 2017

    The Cumulus Redo Conference, Design School Kolding, 30 May-2 June, 2017 focused on ‘redoing’ – design and education, society. The unusually interactive and outwards-facing design conference kicked off with a workshop including all delegates where we, in small groups, identified concrete challenges and some hands-on steps in order to redo. I was proud to be one of the keynote speakers (others included Rachel Cooper, Ezio Manzini). The starting point of my talk ‘How can designers free design?’ was a reminder ‘freedom, freefy’ that for the last ten years have gone off each morning at 8am on my three synchronized digital devices. The first is to remind me that I am free which I, and probably other people too, often forget. The second, ‘freefy’, is to remind me that because I have freedom to move, I also have a responsibility to use it. (By this I don’t mean movement by trains and planes, but moving my head, my thoughts, my actions, my criticality, my creativity to new, and sometimes uncomfortable places and encounters, to probe, challenge, open up and try to be generous.) I argued that freedom can be compared to stretching, and that when we don’t stretch into a full potential, the unfilled freedom space may translate into surrogates like overconsumption. I also argued that design intrinsically is a practice of negotiating freedoms, but that, as we sometimes turn too anxiously to other fields (or when are too cool for school), lose some important potentials for design. The talk ended with Let it Go, a power and freedom ballad of our youngest generation.

  2. Designing together for the 21st Century

    Kurshumli An, Old Bazaar, Skopje, Macedonia 4. October 2013

    What happens when designers shift their focus from satisfying consumer desires, to facilitating new social possibilities? Anette was invited by press to exit project space to give a talk at Skopje Design Week (1-6 oct. 2013). The talk took a closer look at two frameworks that champion transformative approaches to design: Metadesign – the design of design, and Socially Responsive Design – that shifts from designing for people to designing with people. Through the manifesto: Designing together for the 21st Century  we explored some projects and practices that are responding to the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. The presentation was supported by Norsk Form and Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  3. A case of SRVD at DESIS-UK

    Northumbria University, Newcastle, Tuesday 21. May 2013

    For the first Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability (DESIS) UK Network event, Anette and Hannah Jones presented the case: Metadesigning spaces of engagement & exchange. This Socially Responsive Design project took place in 2011 with the students on MA Design at Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO) in the context of the revitalisation of a multi-cultural shopping centre, Veivet senter, in Oslo. Our role as facilitators was to offer a Metadesign process with holistic & creative methodologies. By using a ‘possibility-seeking’ approach, rather than ‘problem solving’, the students have to work and adapt their collaborative designs to what emerges in the situation – making them both user-centred and context specific. The case is an example of how to employ design thinking and skills to deliver sustainable social and environmental benefits to communities.

  4. Fashion in the Anthropocene

    Konstfack, Stockholm, 17 January 2013

    Mathilda delivered the lecture Metadesign and Fashion – How can we mobilise design sensibilities for sustainable products, systems and paradigms? at the Anthropocene seminar hosted by department of Industrial Design, Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm and organized by Martin Avila. The seminar explored design’s role in the anthropocene – “the human age”, our current geological period. Other speakers were Garry Peterson, Professor of Environmental Sciences, Stockholm Resilience Centre and Jakob von Heland, Filmmaker and consultant on human ecology and resilience. You can see Mathilda’s lecture here.

  5. Metadesign at the Design & Emotion conference

    Central St. Martins School of Art & Design, London 11-14. September 2012

    Anette and Hannah Jones are presenting a paper and a workshop at the 8th International Conference on Design & Emotion, this year hosted at Central St. Martins College of Arts and Design in London. The article presents the findings from the first phase of an SRVD project carried out in November 2011 with the MA Design students at Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO). The project, entitled ‘Metadesigning Spaces of Engagement and Exchange’ set about ‘bisociating diversities’ within the community and co-designing ‘seeds’ to revitalize a multi-cultural shopping and cultural centre in Veitvet, Oslo.


  6. How can sustainability inform design methods and processes?

    Goldsmiths, University of London, 18th October, 2011









    Anette delivered a workshop and talk for the seminar series: Methods & Processes for all the design students across the Master programmes at Goldsmiths. Together with Hannah Jones, programme leader for MA Design Futures at Goldsmiths the students got to explore the life cycle of a selection of everyday objects in a tactile and qualitative way as well as get an overview of how sustainability informs new visions, strategies and frameworks for design. This sparked some interesting debates on some of the paradoxes and contradictions many products such as: a Patagonia fleece jacket, a wooden stapler or a Guerlain powder refill container may pose, and what more it offered opportunities to rethink about use and adequate lifespan of products.

  7. Sustainability and Fashion at Raffles Design Institute

    Raffles Design Institute, Shanghai, 26 August, 2011

    Mathilda delivered a talk to the fashion students of Raffles Design Institute in Shanghai. Two students have been invited to create outfits for the exhibition Eco-Chic – Towards Sino-Swedish Sustainable Fashion. The talk provoked some good discussion on how sustainable fashion may be possible considering the pressure to achieve low price. Mathilda was excited to meet both students and staff, including Alen Poropat, who teaches sustainability at Raffles. Hopefully there can be more collaborations in the future!

  8. Eco-Chic in Shanghai

    Shangtex, Shanghai, 25 August, 2011

    Mathilda delivered a workshop on sustainability to Chinese fashion designers in Shanghai. The event, hosted by the Swedish General Consulate and Shangtex, took place in preparation for the opening of the exhibition Eco-Chic – Towards Sino-Swedish Sustainable Fashion in October. The exhibition, which was developed by the Swedish Institute, and for which Mathilda has been an expert advisor, showcases Swedish sustainable fashion and has been touring major cities, including Berlin, New York and San Francisco. For its Chinese launch, the exhibition will be enriched by outfits developed by renowned Chinese Designers, and students from Raffles Design Institute. See more here.

  9. Socially Responsive Design II

    Oslo National Art Academy, Oslo, 18-20 October, 2011

    This year the Master students were asked to take their new campus as a starting point to explore broader lifestyle issues in terms of social and environmental impacts. The aim was to help understand their new community at KHiO, both within the institution as well as it’s relationships with the neighborhood. Together with Hannah Jones from Goldsmiths, the students got to experience a metadesign process by taking part in a series of collaborative workshops with the aim of synergizing interdisciplinary design teams; co-design different design interventions; challenge views of what design is and what it could be.

  10. Design, Sustainability & Business at Regents Business School

    Anette was invited to talk at Regents Business School in the context of their lecture series ‘Sustainability monthly’ for staff and students in Global Business & Sustainability Management. The talk explores the relationships between design, sustainability and business using different examples and highlights how business can benefit from actively seeking sustainable design strategies to gain innovation and competitive advantage, and how sustainable design is becoming a valuable strategy  for future-proofing a business.

  11. Paradox or Opportunity at Stockholm Fashion Week

    Stockholm Fashion Week by Berns in collaboration with Antonia Ax:son Johnson Foundation for the Environment hosted the seminar Fashion and Sustainability – paradox or opportunity? where Katharine Hamnett shared experiences from her passionate work for a more sustainable fashion world. Mathilda gave an opening speech and moderated the session.

  12. Almedalen, Gotland

    Almedalen, Gotland, Sweden. 1 July, 2009. Mathilda gives a lecture on fashion and sustainability for 1.6 and 2.6 miljoner klubben.

    Almedalen, Gotland, Sweden. 1 July, 2009.

    Each summer Almedalen, at Gotland – an island off the eastcoast of Sweden, gathers representatives from political parties and a wealth of interest groups for a week of debates and discussions. Mathilda gave a presentation on fashion and sustainability in a seminar offered by the 1.6 Million Club – an organisation dedicated to women’s health.

  13. Tällberg Forum








    Tällberg Forum is a global think tank set up to explore the question “how on earth can we live together?” Once a year it gathers some 50o experts in sustainability from all over the world in the beautiful village of Tällberg.

    Mathilda was there learning and contributing in a session on the future of consumption – ‘The last taboo?’ The forum brought many insights and special experiences. One of the most interesting parts was the simulation of the climate negotiations to take place at the UN meeting in Copenhagen in December, 2009.

  14. Eco-chic in Kiev

    Kiev, Ukraine. 14 March, 2009.

    Mathilda gave a lecture on fashion and sustainability at the opening in Kiev of Eco Chic – Towards Sustainable Swedish Fashion, a touring exhibition curated by the Swedish Institute.

  15. Pecha Kucha at Stockholm Design Week

    Stockholm, Sweden. 5 February, 2009. Pecha Kucha.

    Stockholm, Sweden. 5 February, 2009. Pecha Kucha.

    Mathilda participated in Pecha Kucha Night organised by Svensk Form at Berns during Stockholm Design Week. She dedicated her 20 slides and 6ish minutes to how we can design shared learning experiences with examples of methodology from the Lucky People Forecast project, the metadesign research, workshops in Bandung, Indonesia and teaching on the MA Design Futures, Goldsmiths.

  16. Design & Emotion in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong, 6. - 9. October, 2008

    Lundebye & Tham participated in the Design & Emotion conference hosted by the School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The conference theme was Dare to Desire and we contributed with a paper and  a scenario workshop – exploring experiential aspects of sustainability.

  17. Changing the Change in Turin

    Turin, Italy. 10-12 July, 2008. Changing the Change.

    Turin, Italy. 10-12 July, 2008. Changing the Change.

    The conference Changing the Change brought together designers and researchers working in the field of sustainability from all over the world. A strong theme was the role of design and the designers – pointing to extended quality criteria, transdisciplinary teamwork, and a design that doesn’t necessitate material outcomes. Of particular interest was how designers can use their creative and visual skills in communicating sustainable visions.

    Mathilda participated with Hannah Jones, a colleague at Goldsmiths and the Metadesign research project, contributing with a paper. Metadesign tools – Designing the seeds for shared processes of change explores a series of approaches and tools that can facilitate collaboration across design disciplines and beyond.

  18. Sustainable – Digital

    Deepend, New York, June 2008

    What are the emerging trends for digital media in relation to sustainability? Anette gave the presentation Sustainable – Digital for Deepend in New York City to initiate a dialogue on how to address impacts and opportunities. 

  19. The Future of Fashion in Borås

    Borås, Sweden. 1 February, 2008. The Future of Fashion.

    Borås, Sweden. 1 February, 2008. The Future of Fashion.

    The Future of Fashion – how can fashion contribute to sustainable development?, a conference at University of Borås brought together a range of view points including those of Simonetta Carbonaro (Professor design management and humanistic marketing) and Karin Stenmar (Dem Collective). Mathilda gave a lecture on the theme of systemic perspectives on design, trends and lifestyles

  20. Volvo Sports Design Forum in Munich

    Frankfurt, Germany. January, 2008.

    Munich, Germany. January 29, 2008. Volvo Sports Design Forum.

    This year’s Volvo Sports Design Forum at ISPO in Munich, was dedicated to the theme of eco-design, with speakers such as Hunter Lovins (Natural Capitalism Solutions), Michael Braungart (Cradle to Cradle) and Simonetta Carbonaro (Domus Academy) sharing their knowledge. Mathilda was a moderator and speaker and gave an interview - see and listen to it here.


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