Mathilda What's up Writings

  1. Acclimitize Moderna Museet

    Acclimatize Journal, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, 20. October, 2016

    How can I be a drama queen in the world? is Mathilda’s contribution to Acclimitize Journal.  Moderna Museet, Stockholm have created the online exhibition on climate change with contributions from scientists, artists, thinkers, sustainability activists.

  2. Designing with the other 90%

    Cumulus Johannesburg, 22-24 September. 2014

    In September 2014, the Cumulus conference Designing with the 90%, took place in Johannesburg. The conference proceedings are now available on-line. They include Mathilda Tham’s paper Off-centre – a call for humble lessons for design which offers a critique of and a creative response to a Western centric and anthropocentric worldview in design and design education.

  3. Routledge Handbook for Sustainability and Fashion


    Routledge, London, 2015

    Routledge Handbook for Sustainability and Fashion, which Mathilda has co-edited with Kate Fletcher, is now out. With the bold ambition of setting the research agenda for fashion and sustainability for the next ten years, the book comprises chapters from a broad range of key scholars and practitioners in the field of sustainability/fashion, including John Thackara, John Ehrenfeldt, Lynda Grose, Ann Thorpe, Otto von Busch, Joanne Entwistle. Mathilda’s chapter Futures of futures studies in fashion draws on a framework for peace building to explore new pathways for sustainability endeavours in fashion.

  4. ‘Socially responsive design’ publication

    Published by Colophon: Kunsthøyskolen i Oslo/ Oslo National Academy of the Arts, 2013

    Anette and Hannah Jones contributed to this publication with ‘A Manifesto for Designing Together in the 21st Century’. The publication is dedicated to celebrate the past seven years of student projects and various forms of social interventions by design practitioners in the context of Socially Responsive Design  on the MA Design Programme at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. The editors Maziar Raein and Sanneke Duijf say that it is intended more as a primer for debate rather than a definitive book. The design was done by former students Steinar & Mats.

  5. Slow and Fast Fashion

    LCF, London, 27 November 2012

    The new and richly illustrated The Sustainable Fashion Handbook edited by Professor Sandy Black and published by Thames & Hudson was launched with a talk by the editor at London College of Fashion. Mathilda has contributed with the chapter Slow and fast fashion – Towards honouring the fashion moment in environmental strategies for fashion. The text discusses scenarios for new ways of engaging with fashion, from producer and user perspectives, and draws on empirical research from the Lifetimes project (with Dr Kate Fletcher) and Mathilda’s own PhD project Lucky People Forecast. The book includes texts from leading experts and thinkers in the field, including Dr Kate Fletcher and Professor Otto von Busch and interviews with and statements from key actors, such as Vivienne Westwood.
    Tham, M. (2012). Slow and fast fashion – Towards honouring the fashion moment in environmental strategies for fashion. In Black, S. (ed.) The Sustainable Fashion Handbook. London: Thames and Hudson.

  6. Article in connecting the dots magazine # 5

    Connecting the Dots, London 20-23. September 2012

    What happens when designers shift their focus from satisfying consumer desires, to facilitating new social possibilities? Anette, together with Hannah Jones, has  co-written an article that explores the notion of Socially Responsive Design. They interview six design experts from their network to discover how they define Socially Responsive Design, what it feels like to be involved in this practice; and how it’s likely to impact on design in the future. The Dutch magazine connecting the dots will be out in September for the London Design Festival (14 – 23 September 2012). Read it here

  7. Green Shades of Shame

    Vestoj, Paris, summer 2012

    A new issue of Vestoj – The Journal of Sartorial Matters is out, on the intriguing and important subject of shame. Mathilda has contributed the paper The Green Shades of Shame which explores the role of shame in a lack of engagement with sustainability in fashion, and generally. The paper argues that shame is part of the very construction of fashion itself, and even that society needs fashion as a condensed zone of shame. It calls for a more nuanced discussion on fashion and sustainability which fully embraces the complex individual and societal motivations that contribute to making fashion.

    Tham, M. (2012). The Green Shades of Shame. Vestoj – The Journal of Sartorial Matters. Issue 3.

  8. Apocalypse Green

    Dare, Hamburg 2011

    Mathilda contributed a paper in the German interdisciplinary magazine Dare‘s issue Apocalypse Green. Mathilda’s paper discusses the preoccupation with novelty in fashion and society, and how this preoccupation also plays a  problematic role in creating sustainable futures, in how it limits our attention span and engagement with even potentially very helpful concepts and frameworks, such as resilience or cradle-to-cradle.

    Tham, M. (2011). Integrating fashion and sustainability – how might futures approaches to change
    transcend a current paradigm of thinking, doing and communicating fashion? Dare Magazin fur kunst
    und uberdies, Apocalypse Green Issue. 50-56.

  9. Languaging Fashion and Sustainability

    Nordic Textile Journal, University of Borås, Borås 2010

    Mathilda contributed a paper to the Nordic Textile Journal’s special issue on communication. Her piece explores the potential of language and a process of languaging as powerful design interventions that can be auspiciously directed at the paradigm level of a system – in this instance the fashion system, with the aim of achieving more a sustainable fashion industry. The article critically and creatively synthesizes and builds upon some of the researcher’s previous work, in the realm of fashion and sustainability, and metadesign.

    Tham, M. (2010). Languaging fashion and sustainability – towards synergistic modes of thinking,
    wording, visualising and doing fashion and sustainability. The Nordic Textile Journal, Special Issue
    Fashion Communication. 1/2010. 14-23.


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