1. Mathilda What's up Writings : Designing with the other 90%

    Cumulus Johannesburg, 22-24 September. 2014

    In September 2014, the Cumulus conference Designing with the 90%, took place in Johannesburg. The conference proceedings are now available on-line. They include Mathilda Tham’s paper Off-centre – a call for humble lessons for design which offers a critique of and a creative response to a Western centric and anthropocentric worldview in design and design education.

  2. Mathilda What's up Writings Anette Mathilda What's up Workshops : Oxford Design Charette

    Oxford, St Hilda's College. 26 August, 2014.

    In August 2014 the staff at Department of Design, Linnaeus University, Sweden gathered in Oxford for two intensive learning days in preparation for the launch of two new degree programmes, Design + Change and Visual Communication + Change , in 2015.  Mathilda and Anette facilitated a design charette which  enabled the staff to go through the six terms of the three years of the degree programmes in one intense day!

    A key insight was how valuable an immersive process without disruptive show-and-tells can be. The staff engaged in a series of mini-projects, involving mapping, role-play, making and more, staying inside the process all day long. Instead of formal presentations of project results, each term ended with a quiet moment of ‘graphic harvesting’ of experiences through means of drawing and writing.

  3. Mathilda What's up Writings Anette Mathilda What's up Workshops Happenings Ideas Mathilda What's up : Stockholm + 40

    Stockholm, 5 march 2012










    Mathilda is presenting her proposal to change the paradigm of consumption to Swedish ministers today, as part of Stockholm +40 (40 years on from the first UN environment conference, held in Stockholm in 1972, and 20 since Rio). It’s being webcast here starting at midday UK time, but obviously all in Swedish. She’s on after Johan Rockström from the Stockholm Resilience Centre.

  4. Mathilda What's up Writings Anette Mathilda What's up Workshops Happenings Ideas Mathilda What's up Inspirations : Sustainability – is a social issue

    Beckmans College of Design, Stockholm, 28 August, 2009

    Jennifer Leonard who works for IDEO gave an inspirational talk on design, change and sustainability at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm during the one-week college-wide induction to ‘Design and Sustainability’ led by Mathilda and Anette. We really enjoyed Jennifer’s talk and respect her work as co-author of the book Massive Change together with Bruce Mau.


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