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    Swedish Luxury, Stockholm - 28. June, 2007

    Swedish Luxury, Stockholm - 28. June, 2007

    In the context of the launch of the executive S80 to the International lifestyle press, Volvo cars wished to present their new luxury car, by looking closer at where the concept of luxury is going? By unpicking the concept and looking at societal and consumer trends we took a closer look at aspects of Swedish luxury. Reconstructing luxury focused on 3 aspects: the luxury of feeling (celebrating quiet beauty, good craftsmanship, attention to details and personal space), The luxury of caring (enjoying good relationships, closeness to nature and safety) and the luxury of thinking (designing clever functionality and intelligent aesthetics for confident people).

    In partnership with Jung relations in Stockholm, Mathilda presented the ideas on Swedish Luxury in a talk and also moderated a panel debate on the topic. All the guests at this event got to get a crash course in eco-driving…


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