1. Inspirations : Unravelling the flows of textile waste.

    South Bank, London 20 - 22 January, 2012










    ‘A long chain of charity and commerce binds the world’s richest and poorest people in an accidental intimacy. It’s a curious feature of the global age that hardly anybody at either end knows it.’ George Packer, New York Times magazine, March 2002

    Where do your clothes go, once you give them away to a charity? The exhibition – Everything Must Go, made visible and tangible some of the flows of textile waste. Unfortunately the exhibition was only on this past weekend in London but this web-site and the film ‘Unravel ‘ by Meghna Gupta’s gives an idea of what it is about, and definitely provides some food for thought into consumption patterns in clothing.

  2. Inspirations Happenings What's up : Oslo Gold Exchange

    Galleri Format, Oslo, 25-30 October, 2010

    Foreign Investment recently completed a new work consisting of several workshops, an exhibition and performance in Oslo. This unique, culturally and site-specific work used ‘child labour’ to transform unloved and discarded toys into golden objects of desire. With their efforts and play the children assisted in raising funds for other children in need in their own town. Read more here. The project was commissioned and produced in collaboration with Mesen Kulturprodusenter and funded by Arts Council Norway and Oslo Kommune.

  3. Inspirations Happenings What's up What's up : MA Design Futures students presentations

    Every year the current students on the MA Design Futures at Goldsmiths, University of London, present their developing ideas for their dissertations to an audience of professionals. These presentations help them direct their thinking towards their potential readers. This year’s group was diverse in terms of ethnicity and interests and the subjects ranged from Office Design in Iran, to Sustainable Storytelling. One really interesting project was by Ivan Nascimento’s, who works as a graphic designer for the charity Cafod. His research highlights an interesting shift in visual communication where corporations and NGO’s are competing for attention and becoming uncannily similar. This links up to our recent findings in Swedish media.(link)


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