1. Talks Teaching What's up : Sustainability and Fashion at Raffles Design Institute

    Raffles Design Institute, Shanghai, 26 August, 2011

    Mathilda delivered a talk to the fashion students of Raffles Design Institute in Shanghai. Two students have been invited to create outfits for the exhibition Eco-Chic – Towards Sino-Swedish Sustainable Fashion. The talk provoked some good discussion on how sustainable fashion may be possible considering the pressure to achieve low price. Mathilda was excited to meet both students and staff, including Alen Poropat, who teaches sustainability at Raffles. Hopefully there can be more collaborations in the future!

  2. Talks Teaching What's up Talks What's up Workshops : Eco-Chic in Shanghai

    Shangtex, Shanghai, 25 August, 2011

    Mathilda delivered a workshop on sustainability to Chinese fashion designers in Shanghai. The event, hosted by the Swedish General Consulate and Shangtex, took place in preparation for the opening of the exhibition Eco-Chic – Towards Sino-Swedish Sustainable Fashion in October. The exhibition, which was developed by the Swedish Institute, and for which Mathilda has been an expert advisor, showcases Swedish sustainable fashion and has been touring major cities, including Berlin, New York and San Francisco. For its Chinese launch, the exhibition will be enriched by outfits developed by renowned Chinese Designers, and students from Raffles Design Institute. See more here.

  3. Talks Teaching What's up Talks What's up Workshops Happenings What's up : Everything must go

    Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester, 6 August - 17 September 2011

    Everything Must Go is a new playful and provocative project by Foreign Investment (that Anette works with) at the Chinese Arts Centre in Manchester. For six weeks the space serves as a depot, workshop and showroom – where unwanted objects ‘Made in China’ are transformed and given new lease of life. A grand art sale will take place on the 16. And 17. September where everything must go – a golden opportunity to invest in tomorrow’s art today!


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