1. Anette Happenings What's up : Foreign Investment at the Linnean Society London

    "LOST" performance at the Linnean Society of London, Burlington House, London, 29. September 2016

    As a member of foreign investment Anette presented the performance LOST in collaboration with choreographer Dickson Mbi at the Linnean Society in London as part of the book launch of Wild New Territories: Portraits of the urban and the Wild edited by Ron den Daas and Kathy Kenny. The exhibition focused on the potential collapse of ecosystems within historically charged urban contexts. The performance articulated, biodiversity and the loss of species within the UK. Over the last 200 years, 413 species have become extinct in England.


  2. Anette Happenings What's up Mathilda Teaching What's up Workshops : Mapping Design – across all times and everything

    Workshop, Department of Design, Goldsmiths, University of London, 6 February 2013

    Mathilda facilitated a workshop with the BA Design first year students, as part of their contextual course Ecology and Design. In the workshop we explored how objects of design are influenced by, and influence difference aspects of society and over time  – a really big scale outlook on design, based in the materiality of and our relationships with everyday objects. We used Stewart Brand’s model of civilization, with six layers from the very slow, ‘nature’, through ‘culture’, ‘governance’, ‘infrastructure’, ‘commerce’ to the very fast, ‘fashion’ as a starting point, adding a continuum from ‘positive’ to ‘negative’ impact. We plotted the model on the floor of the big workshop space, placing objects we had brought in where we thought they best fit. Then we used string to explore links between different objects and layers. This was a process of negotiation and provoked challenging discussions. Did the clock origin from culture or governance? What is its contribution to our lifestyles today? And what about sneakers?

    Brand, S. 1999. The Clock of the Long Now: Time and Responsibility. London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson.

  3. Anette Happenings What's up Mathilda Teaching What's up Workshops What's up Workshops : MetaboliCity – a design-led urban farming initiative

    St Luke's community Centre, London, UK - 26. September 2009

    St Luke's Community Centre, London, 26 September 2009

    The MetaboliCity Research Project at Central St. Martins College of Art and Design is developing and testing several Grow-Labs in the city, experimenting with hydroponic, solar powered window farms, etc. The one-day interdisciplinary workshop at the Shoreditch Trust, co-designed and facilitated by Anette, brought together several different types of communities in London involved in these urban experiments with the aim to build future visions and seed a community of communities.


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