1. What's up : MA Design Futures students presentations

    Every year the current students on the MA Design Futures at Goldsmiths, University of London, present their developing ideas for their dissertations to an audience of professionals. These presentations help them direct their thinking towards their potential readers. This year’s group was diverse in terms of ethnicity and interests and the subjects ranged from Office Design in Iran, to Sustainable Storytelling. One really interesting project was by Ivan Nascimento’s, who works as a graphic designer for the charity Cafod. His research highlights an interesting shift in visual communication where corporations and NGO’s are competing for attention and becoming uncannily similar. This links up to our recent findings in Swedish media.(link)

  2. What's up Ideas What's up : Ethical Consumption and Media


    We just finished a media scan and analysis of Swedish media for a client and found a strong trend in how charities are advertising in mainstream fashion and lifestyle magazines. The visual communication is appropriating distinctly commercial features with references to famous brands such as IKEA (Save the Children) or famous fashion photographers like Richard Avedon (Stockholm’s Stadsmission). This new upsurge in charity ads make us ask whether this is due to the economical crisis; if it is responding to a higher demand for ethical consumption; or if charities are simply becoming more media savvy?


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