1. Anette Happenings What's up : Stone soup

    Zalog, Ljubljana, Slovenia 27. March 2013

    Anette was invited to Ljubljana to work with the artists Yane Calovski and Hristina Ivanoska in a project organised by the architect Bostjan Bugaric. The context was Zalog a suburb of Ljubjana. As an output of our ‘Zalog conversations’ we re-enacted the ‘Stone Soup’, a work that Hristina Ivanovska has previously done in Stockholm amongst other places. The premise of this performative art intervention is a coming together of ‘foreigners’ into a community, and the participants are invited to make a soup by bringing a chosen ingredient. Once the soup is made all the participants are served the soup whose flavour depends on the gifts each person brought to the pot. This stone soup and gesture has historical roots in folk-tales as well as ‘potluck’ and gift-economies in various communities. This intervention inscribed itself as part of a bigger investigation into the area and the programme: Cultural Acupuncture Treatment For Suburb, which has as focus to improve public spaces in the suburbs in six localities around Central European capitals.

  2. Anette Happenings What's up Inspirations : A dinner with DesignMarketo

    Photo by Amandine Alessandra 2011 © DesignMarketo

    On the 31st March we had a scrumptious dinner celebrating the arrival of spring and sprouts. The event was designed by DesignMarketo at the Barbican Center where they recently also opened a pop-up shop within the shop. A few new food experiences were on the menu such as the Volcano bread by Olivia Decaris and the edible saucers In between by Hina Thibaud served with coffee and tea, alongside fresh and light dishes. The Refurbished Cutlery (mismatched rubber coated cutlery) by Use Dev Org was a good reminder of how we can give new life to otherwise outmoded utensils.


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