1. Consultancy Ideas Workshops : Sustainable Apparel Futures – Sweden 2030

    Workshop, Architecture Museum, Stockholm 30 January 2013

    In conjunction with the Global Leadership Award at the Architecture Museum in Stockholm, a big workshop for the apparel sector – hosted by The Antonia Ax:son Johnson Foundation for Sustainable Development - to begin the process of developing a ambitious and long-term sustainability vision for the apparel industry in Sweden and the Nordic region. Mathilda, who has been part of running the Sustainable Fashion Academy since its start in 2007, facilitated the working group on the Future of the Fashion Experience. Anette facilitated the working group on the Future of Social Responsibility. The workshop brought together leading members from the commercial apparel sector, politicians, government agencies, advocacy organizations, investors, research institutions, and the media.

  2. Consultancy Ideas Workshops Consultancy Ideas What's up : Future of flooring

    Forbo Flooring Systems, London 17. February 2012







    The other day Anette was invited to attend a think tank session with Forbo Flooring. A selected group of professionals with different expertise in: architecture, design, journalism, strategic marketing/ communication discussed current issues around austerity, value creation and sustainability, moderated by Tim Vermeulen, from Premsela, the Dutch institute for fashion and design. How will these issues influence the future of Forbo’s product concept offering, design and brand positioning? Insights on where innovations are going within this segment were shared, but also the interesting question arose of what left field and disruptive innovation might change the rules of the game?


  3. Consultancy Ideas Workshops Consultancy Ideas What's up Consultancy Research What's up : Future of Surface Care

    London, July, 2010

    Recently we did an analysis on emerging trends in surface care for Space Doctors and their client – a major player in the industry. We looked at how consumers are choosing products to clean their homes alongside trends for the future home. Signals point to homes becoming less like machines and more like living organisms, which will lead to interesting shifts both in consumer behaviour and products.

  4. Consultancy Ideas Workshops Consultancy Ideas What's up Consultancy Research What's up What's up : Anette Lundebye

    MA Design Futures (Goldsmiths, London), MA Textile Design (ENSAD, Paris), BA Fine Arts (ENSA, Dijon)

    As a creative catalyser, driven by a strong interest in sustainability and futures. Anette builds on interdisciplinary approaches from design thinking, metadesign research, systemic coaching, education, facilitation and art to work co-creatively with her clients to catalyse inspiration and insight to support change. She has over 15 years experience as a design professional in industry, academia and the not-for-profit sector from France, Scandinavia and the UK.

    She started out in Paris, where she studied and later worked as a designer for the international automotive industry, developing concepts and textile products at Trèves for major OEMs. A turning point in her career came during her studies at MA Design Futures, Goldsmiths, University of London, as this offered her the opportunity to develop her outlook on sustainability, gain theoretical perspectives, assimilate design research methods as well as reflect deeply and critically about her social role as a designer.

    Anette worked with the Nowhere Foundation on the design education initiative ‘from Waste to Wisdom’ (2004-06), and was a researcher on the ‘Bench-marking Synergy Levels in Meta-design’ project (2006-08) at Goldsmiths where she was involved in devising tools, methods and collaborative processes for trans-disciplinary teams. She has co-developed SRVD (Socially Responsive Design) projects using metadesign at Oslo National Academy of the Arts and has published several research papers, articles and delivered workshops at international conferences.

    Currently she is a senior lecturer at Regent’s University London where she teaches sustainability, innovation and creative-thinking related courses. She continues to lecture frequently on MA Design Futures at Goldsmiths and is invited regularly to facilitate creative processes and workshops at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Linneus University in Sweden and at other institutions in the UK and Scandinavia.

    Anette continues to practice as an artist and has developed and presented projects and exhibitions internationally since 1996. Her work explores the boundaries between perceptions, practices and social trends associated with material culture and what we value. She works collaboratively with the art collective Foreign Investment and writes occasionally on her blog called Senseness, where she reflects on the role of art, design and futures in the 21st century.


  5. Consultancy Ideas Workshops Consultancy Ideas What's up Consultancy Research What's up What's up Teaching What's up : MA Critical Practice

    Goldsmiths, University of London. 24 February, 2009

    Goldsmiths, University of London. 24 February, 2009

    Lundebye & Tham presented a talk and did a workshop on ‘the future of consumption through the lens of sustainability’ with the students on MA Critical Design at Goldsmiths, University of London. The students worked in groups to come up with future scenarios. We especially liked the suggestion that future consumers should be termed caretakers.

  6. Consultancy Ideas Workshops Consultancy Ideas What's up Consultancy Research What's up What's up Teaching What's up Talks What's up Workshops : Is Green the new Black?

    London College of Fashion, UK, 30. April, 2007

    London College of Fashion, UK, 30. April, 2007

    We were commissioned to hold a talk and a workshop for 50 Staff and fashion students on ‘sustainable fashion futures’ during London College of Fashion’s “Green is the New Black” – a week of awareness-raising on fashion and sustainable development. The futures scenario workshop we designed questioned the fashion brand of 2027 spurring values such as craftmanship, heritage, local, sharing, participation, slow fashion and emotional attachment.


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