1. Research Talks What's up : Changing the Change in Turin

    Turin, Italy. 10-12 July, 2008. Changing the Change.

    Turin, Italy. 10-12 July, 2008. Changing the Change.

    The conference Changing the Change brought together designers and researchers working in the field of sustainability from all over the world. A strong theme was the role of design and the designers – pointing to extended quality criteria, transdisciplinary teamwork, and a design that doesn’t necessitate material outcomes. Of particular interest was how designers can use their creative and visual skills in communicating sustainable visions.

    Mathilda participated with Hannah Jones, a colleague at Goldsmiths and the Metadesign research project, contributing with a paper. Metadesign tools – Designing the seeds for shared processes of change explores a series of approaches and tools that can facilitate collaboration across design disciplines and beyond.


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