1. Inspirations : A dinner with DesignMarketo

    Photo by Amandine Alessandra 2011 © DesignMarketo

    On the 31st March we had a scrumptious dinner celebrating the arrival of spring and sprouts. The event was designed by DesignMarketo at the Barbican Center where they recently also opened a pop-up shop within the shop. A few new food experiences were on the menu such as the Volcano bread by Olivia Decaris and the edible saucers In between by Hina Thibaud served with coffee and tea, alongside fresh and light dishes. The Refurbished Cutlery (mismatched rubber coated cutlery) by Use Dev Org was a good reminder of how we can give new life to otherwise outmoded utensils.

  2. Inspirations Happenings What's up : Oslo Gold Exchange

    Galleri Format, Oslo, 25-30 October, 2010

    Foreign Investment recently completed a new work consisting of several workshops, an exhibition and performance in Oslo. This unique, culturally and site-specific work used ‘child labour’ to transform unloved and discarded toys into golden objects of desire. With their efforts and play the children assisted in raising funds for other children in need in their own town. Read more here. The project was commissioned and produced in collaboration with Mesen Kulturprodusenter and funded by Arts Council Norway and Oslo Kommune.

  3. Inspirations Happenings What's up Inspirations : Sustainability – is a social issue

    Beckmans College of Design, Stockholm, 28 August, 2009

    Jennifer Leonard who works for IDEO gave an inspirational talk on design, change and sustainability at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm during the one-week college-wide induction to ‘Design and Sustainability’ led by Mathilda and Anette. We really enjoyed Jennifer’s talk and respect her work as co-author of the book Massive Change together with Bruce Mau.

  4. Inspirations Happenings What's up Inspirations Inspirations : Otter Inn

    Otter Inn, lake Mälaren, Sweden. 7-8 July, 2009.

    Otter Inn, lake Mälaren, Sweden. 7-8 July, 2009.

    Otter Inn is a project by artist Mikael Genberg. Mathilda and her partner Duncan went to stay for one night, especially enjoying watching the fish through the windows of the bedroom 3 meter below the water surface and rowing in orbit around the tiny cottage-island.


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