1. Consultancy What's up Workshops : Co-designing a new Master programme

    Regent's College, London, 4 February, 2011

    In February 2011 Anette designed and facilitated two workshops for the development of MA Creative Leadership for the School of Psychotherapy & Counselling Psychology and Regent’s Business School at Regent’s College London. The aim of the workshops was to support the project in finding direction in a complex and wholly new approach to postgraduate study within Regent’s College. The mission was to seek out commonalities and language from a trans-disciplinary team of specialists in psychology, business, management, mediation, psychotherapy and as well as theatre and the arts, design, international relations and politics and to generate ownership, partnerships and a holistic understanding of the programme.

  2. Consultancy What's up Workshops Research Teaching What's up Workshops : Metadesign & Socially Responsive Design

    Romsås, Oslo, 12-16. October, 2009

    Romsås, Oslo, 12-16 October, 2009

    This week-long Socially Responsive Design (SRVD) project with the first year MA Design students at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, used design research and metadesign tools to initiate a research project on potential meeting-spaces for local inhabitants at Romsås in Oslo. Through a series of presentations and workshops we challenged the students to question their assumptions on diversity and to develop their roles as designers beyond their traditional expertise.


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